Medical Dermatology

The science of treating the skin, hair and nails to relieve or cure skin disorders.

Surgical Dermatology

The practice of dermatology that specializes in surgical procedures & minimally invasive techniques to treat skin cancer.

Cosmetic Dermatology

The practice of improving the look and health of one’s skin through medical or surgical procedures, to help patients look and feel their best.


Treatment for the skin, hair or body that is meant to enhance the appearance of patients through minimally invasive techniques & personalized topical skin care recommendations.



“Regarding the facility (convenience, cleanliness, and being well equipped), the staff (friendly, courteous and professional), this is a top-notch dermatology practice. In particular, I would like to particularly mention Selenia, who is a great ambassador for this office.”

Richard F.

MidState Skin Patient

“Midstate Skin has very friendly and caring employees. The office is always immaculately clean especially with Covid precautions. They make sure to set appointments around my schedule and the wait time is short. The doctor takes her time to listen and explore many safe treatment options. I always feel satisfied with my experiences! Highly recommended!”

Patricia K.

MidState Skin Patient

“Had moths surgery at the paddock office and was extremely pleased with the results and the professional staff. I had a visit with Dr. Cauthen for a routine body check for cancerous liaisons and she took care of business as always. Thanks for a great visit. P.S staff is excellent.”

Lee J.

MidState Skin Patient

“My experience with Midstate Skin and Dr. Kathrotiya and her staff was nothing short of amazing. I was impressed with the care and attention to my personal well being. I felt that I have finally found skin care professionals who have the depth of training, experience and caring that I need with my various skin issues.”

Linda B.

MidState Skin Patient

“I called to make an appointment with MidState Skin Institute, and they promptly asked if I needed a referral per my insurance. I explained that I had no idea. They asked me too hold and were back in just a few seconds and said I was good to come in in. They made my appointment for the very next day in the office closest to me. Then in the office the staff was very understanding and explained every detail and gave me options to suit my needs. I was very impressed with their genuine caring and professionalism. I certainly will return for future skin care needs.”

Rheba W.

MidState Skin Patient

“I needed to find a dermatologist because I had a recurring spot come up and I new the history behind this particular spot. I called Midstate Skin Institute and they gave me an appointment with out a long wait time. From the moment I entered the office I felt like I was home. I didn’t have to wait a long time in the lobby area. I was greeted by the assistant and taken back to a room. She took some history and before I knew it the doctor came in, we talked and went over my skin history. She looked at the area in question and agreed that she should do a biopsy. The next thing I knew they were telling me they would call in about a week with the results and we would go from there. It was only seemed like a couple of days when they called me to say it was cancer and we would schedule the have the Mohs procedure done. I feel I could not have had this quick response with just any office and I’m very grateful they were there for me. Thank you Midstate Skin Institute for doing such a great job and being so professional with me!”

Cheryl S.

MidState Skin Patient

“My first time at this office and I definitely will return for any treatment when needed. The Staff is terrific! Personalities are 5 STAR for sure. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and procedure was painless. Very happy that I was referred to them. Thank you, ladies!”

Christine L.

MidState Skin Patient