CO2RE Laser

From deep wrinkles to sun damage and scaring, skin concerns can undercut your confidence. They might even be keeping you from embracing your full potential! The CO2RE treatment is non-invasive and hormone-free, and can be done right in our office. With the CO2RE treatment, younger, smoother skin is possible. The C02RE laser is the latest innovation in lasers and a big step forward because it simultaneously works on the surface, and beneath your skin. It treats a fraction of the skin at a time, making precise, microscopic wounds and as they heal your body naturally produces collagen and healthy new skin cells.


You might find yourself a little too reliant on incontinence pads, or extra trips to the bathroom. You might even find your can’t finish your yoga class, or carry those groceries in the house without an accident. Emsella is an FDA approved treatment for urgency and stress incontinence and sexual wellness in men and women. This treatment, which lasts 3 weeks, will use your own pelvic floor muscles to do 20,000+ kegels in one session, retraining them to be stronger, and healthier. Regain your confidence in the bedroom, too with Emsella’s sexual wellness settings that will aid in tightness, lubrication and more.

Earlobe Filler

Your impeccable sense of style has kept you in those dangly earrings all your life, but your earlobes aren’t keeping up. If you find yourself with stretched, or even torn holes we can help restore them. A simple in office procedure that includes filler, and a minimally invasive incision can have your earrings hanging perfectly again.

Hand Rejuvenation

Let us guess… you never put SPF on your hands while driving? Don’t worry… it’s easy to forget, but now you might find yourself with hands that are aged, wrinkles and discolored. Hand rejuvenation can help you smooth the skin, restore a youthful appearance and give you back your confidence. A little tip- if you have excess product from your skincare routine, always use it on the back of your hands!

Core Strength

If your golf swing isn’t what it used to be, your tennis serve isn’t quite making it or you just find yourself a little clumsier than normal… you might need the Core to Floor treatment. Core to Floor utilizes the Emsella & EmsculptNEO treatments to strengthen the core, pelvic floor and surrounding muscles to get you back to your optimal strength and agility. This treatment plan is great for post-op patients who need to regain strength, or if you are getting over an injury and need a little assistance. EmsculptNEO will stimulate the muscles and help burn fat, while also building strength. Emsella can target your pelvic floor, which has a direct line up to your core to create an overall sense of balance and wellbeing.

Laser Treatments

If laser treatments aren’t already part of your routine, you’ve got some catching up to do! But have no fear, our expert providers can explain all our treatments in depth for you to get the right package started.


BBL Hero & MOXI are the dream team. Targeting almost any issue you can imagine on the face, and BBL Hero can even treat the body. BBL Hero (that’s broad band light) targets redness, sun spots, age spots and dull-looking skin. Living in Florida, we’re sure you’ve got age spots and discoloration on your face, neck, chest and arms so don’t just treat your face. There is little to no downtime, this lunchtime laser can be done during your break or schedule yourself some R&R and come see us.

MOXI is the best way to revitalize skins appearance by correcting uneven pigmentation and improving your tone and texture. MOXI is super fast, and there is little to no downtime with minimal discomfort. It’s a year-round treatment, so you can even get it during the summer and you don’t have to skip that beach weekend (but don’t skip the SPF).


Wishing the facial flushing or spider veins on your face, neck or legs weren’t so obvious? Bothersome vascular skin conditions such as spider veins, broken blood vessels, and rosacea are difficult to hide and often emotionally hard to deal with. VBeam laser system selectively destroys the blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. Don’t hide your legs at the beach anymore, treat those pesky lesions and rock your swimsuit!

Must have products

If you’re not serious about skincare by now… it’s not too late!! We hope you’ve got the basics… SPF, cleanser and a good retinol. Here are some products that are going to help more mature skin and really benefit you as you age. 

Alto Advanced Defense and Repair SerumSkinbetter’s Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum is the new gold standard in comprehensive antioxidant defense. This super-potent antioxidant serum helps shield the skin against the effects of internal and external free radicals. Vitamins C and E, plus 17 additional free-radical fighters combined with a new, patented antioxidant brings a new level of comprehensive defense. This product goes beyond to not only protect you from environmental elements, but also protects you from free radicals generated by the skins natural aging process. 

Techno Neck Perfecting CreamIf you’ve started to realize your neck’s laxity, crepiness or texture it might be time to add Techno Neck Perfecting Cream. The patented NOw Complex, in a comprehensive formulation, harnesses the power of the body’s natural processes to visibly improve aging skin of the neck and décolleté. Your skin will feel strengthened and firm, along with seeing improvements in the appearance of crepiness and laxity. 

InterFuse Intensive Treatment LINES InterFuse Intensive Treatment LINES

A no-needle, hyaluronic acid solution that improves the appearance of deep expression lines and wrinkles. You’ll love this product because it has four different types of hyaluronic acids of varying molecular weights that work to bind water to the surface of the skin to improve lines and wrinkles. Peptides also help expression lines to appear smoother upon application. This collagen complex made up of amino acids, peptides and Vitamin C work synergistically to support your skin.