What We Look For in a

Good Skin Product

Dr. Cauthen has extensive dermatologic knowledge and she puts that knowledge to work in choosing which lines of skin care and treatment products she uses for her procedures, and offers to her patients for ongoing care.

First and foremost, any product she recommends must be safe and thoroughly tested. There are many products currently for sale that have not gone through a rigorous testing regimen before they are manufactured and put on the shelf, and that does not sit well with Dr. Cauthen.

Every dermatology and skin care product MidState Skin uses, recommends or carries has been personally selected by Dr. Cauthen for its adherence to quality and safety standards.

Secondly, it absolutely has to work. There are a lot of products out there that claim to yield certain results, yet they usually fall short on their promises. MidState Skin does not recommend products that do not live up to their claims, so you can feel confident that any product used in your treatment at MidState Skin or recommended for purchase by Dr. Cauthen is indeed effective.


  • Elta Foaming

Breaks makeup and oils down to clean skin

  • Circadia Lipid Replacing

Any skin type / breaks makeup and oils down without drying out skin

  • Circadia Micro Exfoliating

Gentle micro exfoliating for daily use

  • Amandola

Lactic acid gently exfoliates/ good for mature skin

Moisturizers with SPF:

  • Elta UV Daily SPF 40

Normal to dry skin

  • Elta Elements SPF 44

Ultra hydrating / water resistant

  • Elta Aero SPF 46

Spray SPF / water resistant

  • Elta Clear SPF 46

Oil free / good for acne and rosacea prone skin

  • Elta Sport SPF 50

Water resistant / great for sports & swimming

  • Neocutis Micro Day SPF 30

Enhances skin’s collagen/ elastin / antioxidants for mature skin


  • Elta Eye Cream

Improves puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles

  • Eraclear Eye Surround

Hydrating with hyularonic acid / improves puffiness and dark circles

  • Lumiere/Lumiere Riche

Anti aging and collagen boosting with a blend of growth factors

  • Micro Eyes/Micro Eyes Riche

Anti-Aging and Repair:

  • Vitamin C Serum14%

Brightens, hydrates and maintains collagen (morning)

  • Eraclea Vitamin C Repair

Light weight / hydrates, brightens and maintains collagen

  • Glycolic Acid 10%

Gentle alpha hydroxy acid lifts dead skin cells away

  • Neocutis Micro Serum

Revitalizes, hydrates and smooth skin

  • Eraclea Pure Hydration

Hyularonic acid and zinc hydrate and heal the skin

  • Green Tea Hydrating Toner

Hydrates and energizes skin for skincare preparation

  • Eraclea Lip Hydrator

Keeps lips hydrated and plump

Day/Night Moisturizers:

  • Elta AM Therapy

Acne prone skin gently exfoliates with white willow bark

  • Elta PM Therapy

Anti-aging with rice protein peptides

  • Elta Barrier Repair

Improved dry, compromised skin by strengthening skin texture and tone

  • Neocutis Bio Crème

Renews skin suppleness / reduces appearances of line lines and wrinkles

  • Neocutis Micro Firm Neck and Decollette

Improves crepey, uneven tone skin with glycolic acid

  • Micro Night

Hydrates, rejuvenates and restores skin with MPC compound

  • Micro Body

All over hydration and exfoliates & retextured skin

  • Elta Moisture Rich Body Cream