Aesthetic Laser Therapy treatments have come a long way! The letters in the word “laser” stand for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers emit a light beam wavelength in sync with the target’s color, whether it’s brown spots, broken capillaries or a myriad of other skin conditions.

Ablative vs. Non-ablative Lasers

There are two basic lasers used for cosmetic purposes, ablative and non-ablative. Let’s look at the difference.

Ablative lasers damage the top layers of skin, while non-ablative lasers work deeper in the skin without removing and damaging the epidermis, or top layer of skin. Typically, with non-ablative lasers you will have little to no downtime.

We can treat:

    • Fine lines & wrinkles
    • Skin laxity (looseness)
    • Pigmented lesions (sun spots, age spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation)
    • Vascular lesions (broken blood vessels, hemangiomas, birthmarks & port-wine stains)
    • Unwanted body hair
    • Acne & Acne scars
    • and more

Our lasers treatments are done by provider Anna Wilemon, Licensed Medical Aesthetician & Laser Tech. Anna has been with MidState for 10 years, and has continued her education along the way to include the lasers below, as well as the newest, most updated treatments available to patients.

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After 3 treatments of BBL & Moxi