Advanced Facials

Advanced facials are different than a traditional European Facial in a few key ways. First, they address specific skin issues/conditions. Whether you’re trying to reduce redness, dry patches, acne scaring or fine lines an advanced facial will target specific areas. Second, they are custom to your needs. Some treatments you might receiving during your advanced facial are dermaplaning, the non-invasive quick way to minimize the appearance of dry patchy skin, and eliminate vellus hairs which gives you a brighter, visibly smoother complexion. Ultrasonic treatment, where ultrasonic waves pass through the tissue causing a cascade of intercellular activity like increase collagen and elastin. The skin scrubber is a high frequency vibration that can cleanse pores and open up clogged pores to remove dirt, oil and prevent the over production of sebum. Suffering from dehydrated skin? The Vianesse Massage delivers high frequency currents to the skin and underlying tissue distributing warmth and stimulating nerve endings which boosts blood circulation. This helps to reduce muscular tension, and promotes lymph drainage.

Dermal Filler

By the age of 40, it’s estimated we lose roughly 20% of the collagen in our faces and the decline continues from there. You might not see the same person in the mirror anymore, and we want to help.

“Filler looks fake.” “My friend got filler and now she has duck lips.” “I read a story that filler can stretch out your skin”

All of the above are common filler misconceptions! Filler can be used to make you appear more rested and rejuvenated. It can be used to remove the shadows on our face that make us look sad or angry or tired. Well placed filler will have your friends asking you what moisturizer you are using or if you got your hair done – not if you got filler. You will look like yourself – but better! Filler in the right hands will never make you look “done” or “pillow face”. Poor results from filler is not because of the filler – it was the technique used by the practitioner. Do your research to make sure you are putting your face in the right hands.

Nefertiti Lift

For centuries women have been trying to achieve the same long, elegant neck and jawline as the ancient Egyptian Queen this procedure is named after. The Nefertiti Lift can help relax the neck muscles, which constantly pull down on the lower face and chin. You’ll see improved jaw definition, improved appearance of the prominent neck bands, less lines and wrinkles around the mouth and a smoother chin.

Platysmal Bands

Neck bands, also known as platysmal bands are vertical lines or ridged that develop in the neck area. Expertly placed tox can target and temporarily relax the muscles, preventing them from contracting and creating that strained look in your neck.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Much like the collagen in your face, the collagen and elastin that hold your eyelids up goes away over time which can leave you with that “hooded” eye look. Not only is this annoying, it can impair vision, cause irritation and give you a tired look. The upper blepharoplasty is a procedure in which the excess skin and fat are removed from the eyelid, giving you a more awake, alert appearance. This procedure is performed in our office and the downtime is minimal.


The dream team of BBL Hero and MOXI can help you rewind the clock, and bring your self-care game to a whole new level!

The BBL Hero treatment (that’s broad band light) is a very little downtime, comfortable procedure that eliminates the visible signs of aging such as, age spots, sun spots, redness or dull-looking skin. Improving skin’s appearance anywhere on the body! BBL Hero uses quick pulses of light to target pigment in the upper layers of skin and is designed to be fast and more powerful than traditional IPL devices.

Lighten Brighten and refresh with MOXI. MOXI is the best way to revitalize your skins appearance by correcting uneven pigmentation and improving tone and texture. MOXI is known as the “lunchtime” laser because it’s fast, little to no downtime, and comfortable. It’s also a year round laser, so you can still treat any issues that come up during the summer.

Stack these treatments together, and you’ve got a dream team!


It’s possible by your 40’s you’re starting to see some sag in your lower face, neck or submental (under your chin). Sofwave’s breakthrough technology delivers a safe way to treat fine lines and wrinkles, and skins laxity (aka tautness) with no interruption to your daily routine. The best part…this is usually a single treatment procedure! Come once a year to maintain your results, and you’ll be looking younger and firmer in weeks.

Laser Hair Removal

Have you noticed a few wayward hairs on your chin? Tired of shaving for 20+ years? Need a break from just one thing in your daily tasks? Skip shaving, and get laser hair removal! The GentleMax Pro is the newest gold standard in laser hair removal and is the fastest, most effective treatment. Gone are the days of wincing through a series of 10+ treatments… now you can see an 80-90% permanent reduction after just 4-6 sessions!! Their cooling technology makes this treatment easy for everyone, so come treat yourself.

Must have products

Your 40’s should be all about simplifying skincare, and indulging in selfcare. The products you use are going to make 40 the new 20. You’ve got your Vitamin C, SPF & active ingredients… now it’s time to add some of those products that make your skin the envy of all your friends.

Ageless 3.4FL OZEryfotona Ageless… big name, bigger product! In the quest to simplify our routines, this SPF will become your BFF. Apply daily to reap the benefits of this ultralight tinted, fast-absorbing product that helps actively fight the signs of aging. It combines a 100% mineral SPF with an innovative blend of peptides, antioxidants and DNA repairsomes which can help repair sun damage. Did you catch the tinted part? This SPF offers the slightest tint to help you ditch the foundation on the weekends, and keep your routine light and easy! 

Melatonik ® Melatonik is redefining “beauty sleep”. This restorative night time serum-in-oil which works while you sleep, will help your skin recover from all your daily stresses. The 3-in-1 formual containing melatonin, bakuchiol and vitamin C stimulates natural antioxidant defenses and helps to restore vitality and elasticity, for radiant, healthy skin. The results? 97% of patient said they had increased hydration. 100% of patients said their skin was softer to the touch, and 93% said the product had a repair effect.


One of the most common reasons eyelashes thin and stop growing is age. As the hair growth cycle slows, you might start to notice less and less lashes. Other reasons like hormonal imbalances like menopause, constant rubbing or eye irritants can cause fewer lashes as well. 

latisse.jpgLatisse is the only FDA approved prescription medication for sparse or inadequate eyelashes. The active ingredient has been clinically shown to promote the growth of longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Patients can typically see results after about 16 weeks of use. Schedule your appointment now, Latisse is only available by prescription. It’s probably time for a skin check anyways. 

(psst… another great trick we don’t mind sharing… Latisse can be used to regrow those eyebrows you overplucked in high school!)