Thomas Cauthen ~ CFO

Thomas is Dr. Cauthen’s husband. He graduated from University of South Florida with a degree in Accounting. He worked in for-profit and non-profit business sectors prior to opening MidState Skin Institute with Dr. Cauthen. Thomas functions as the Practice’s Chief Financial Officer, Office Administrator, and overall problem solver. Although he loves his job at MidState Skin Institute, his dream profession is being a professional golfer and he continues to spend many hours on the golf course pursuing that career. In addition to golf, he is an avid football fan and strong supporter and donor for his alma mater the USF Bulls.


Brittney Morrison ~ Office Manager

Brittney is Dr. Cauthen’s younger sister. She graduated from University of South Florida with a double major in Psychology and Gerontology. Her plan was to attend Physician Assistant (PA) school but Dr. Cauthen postponed that when she begged Brittney to join her staff and be her medical assistant. Dr. Cauthen knew Brittney would be perfect for the job and patients would love her because she is friendly, outgoing, and very organized. Brittney wears many hats at MidState Skin Institute and is a vital figure in making sure day-to-day operations run smoothly. Her goal is still to attend PA school one day … if her sister will ever let her leave! Brittney is happily married to Ryan Morrison. They have one son, Ryder and a hairy, drooling, four-legged kid, Duke.


Laura Ming ~ Medical Assistant

Laura is one of Dr. Cauthen’s childhood best friends and joined Midstate Skin Spring of 2013. She is a medical assistant and also our go-to person for insurance headaches..which there is never a shortage of. Her most challenging position at the office is being the brunt of Thomas’ practical jokes. Thankfully she is a good sport and allows all of us an extra laugh during the day at her expense. Laura adores her two children Riley and Bradley.


Tracie Dodson ~ Medical Assistant

Tracie joined our team January 2014. She is originally from Philadelphia but moved to Ocala as a young teen and graduated from Belleview High School. Tracie is one of our medical assistants and a lot of fun to have in the office because she is very gullible. She is also a great source for celebrity gossip and reality TV updates. Tracie isn’t married yet but is considering trying out for the new reality show “Who Wants to Marry a Surfer?”


Tahnei Horton ~ Medical Assistant

Tahnei was born and raised in Ocala and has specialized in skin care for over a decade. Before joining MidState, Tahnei was a dedicated employee at Dr. Behringer’s office prior to his retirement. Tahnei is profoundly driven and a perfectionist by nature. Family and friends say that she is “crazy positive” and approaches her personal and professional life with a can-do attitude. She is always willing to help out her coworkers and is never without a smile. Tahnei and her husband have two of the sweetest boys, Bradley and Brock whom she was going to name Beowulf if it wasn’t for her Midstate family! Brock….you’re welcome.


Chasity Booth ~ Medical Assistant

Chasity joined our Midstate team beginning of 2015 and we are glad she did! Chas has a great knowledge of Dermatology and is always willing to learn more. When she isn’t working you can catch her nose in a book or watching a documentary about anyone, she loves the real stories! She recently became an aunt so mostly you can find her playing with her nephew. She is quiet most of the time, but she has some great one liners that catch you off guard so she keeps us on our toes in a fun and sweet way. She is a keeper.


Marissa Patterson ~ Medical Assistant

After a 10 year career in law enforcement, Marissa went back to school and graduated from Rasmussen College with AS degree in Medical Assisting in 2008. She began her medical assisting career with Marion Dermatology, where she worked for 8 yrs. Marissa joined Midstate Skin in August 2016. She is a mother to 2 beautiful girls, Hannah and Sydney. She is a self-proclaimed obsessive compulsive person and often writes ” novels” , when it comes to chart documenting. Her personality is just as sweet as her little voice.


Ashley Caraway – Medical Assistant

Ashley joined our team September 2016 after starting her MA career in 2004 and spending 10 years working with Dr. Behringer prior to his retirement. She was born in Guam but has called Ocala home since age 10. She has a beautiful little girl, Allison and mini dachshund that keep her busy. Outside of work she enjoys shopping, spending time with family and watching Gator football.


MaryAnn Wilkerson ~ Medical Assistant

MaryAnn joined Midstate Skin Spring of 2015 as a receptionist and quickly became one of our Medical Assistants about a year later. She was born in Oakland, CA but has spent most of her life here in Ocala where her children Jessica and Andrew were born and raised along with her beautiful grandchildren. She loves staying busy working closely with our patients. Just look for bright and cheery lipstick and you will know you are in the presence of MaryAnn!


Katie Miller ~ Medical Assistant

Katie Miller is one of our Medical Assistants that joined our team in 2015. Katie was born in Westchester, Pennsylvania but lucky for us moved to Florida when she was 8. Katie has two beautiful little girls, Kaelynn and Rhylyn, that she loves spending time. Katie also enjoys paddle boarding, golf and is one of our more adventurous employees enjoying the occasional sky diving.


Sara Barone ~ Medical Assistant

She joined our Midstate team Fall of 2015. Sara has been a Medical Assistant in Dermatology for over 8 years. She is a proud mother of 3, Alexis, James and Isabella. They keep her very busy but she still takes time to enjoy going to the beach, theme parks and of course every girls passion, shopping! Sara is also looking forward to continuing her Physician Assistant degree and practicing Dermatology in the future. The main thing to remember about her is to keep some kind of snack around because you don’t want to see her hangry!

Jami Vorherr ~ Medical Assistant

Jami joined our team February of 2015. She was born in Hollywood, Fl and moved to Ocala with her parents at the age of 13. Jami worked for many years at the hospital before joining Midstate Skin. When she isn’t working and taking great care of patients, you can always find her by the pool (hopefully with sunscreen) during the summer time. Any other time you can catch her watching super scary movies. She will always choose Halloween over Christmas as her favorite holiday. When Dr. Cauthen fails to bring Roxy into the office, Jami becomes very sad so we all pick on her calling her Roxy’s stepmom. We are sure Roxy feels the same way about her!


Pam Wilemon ~ Receptionist

Born and raised in Ocala, Pam joined our team in Fall of 2015 to help start our Jasmine Park location. She came at a perfect time according to her team, being a doting mother, she takes care of everyone’s needs. She makes sure everyone gets fed, has snacks when hangry and always has a positive attitude, which our patients love as well! She has three children, one being our Aesthetician, Anna and two grandchildren. Last but not least, if you are needing a good workout, just meet Pam at her gym at 5am but be very afraid because she is no joke!


Rhonda Crickenberger ~ Receptionist

Rhonda joined our team February of 2015 after 16 years experience in medical offices. She mostly works at Dr. Cauthen’s check out window and is the office clown. She is always cracking us up with her crazy antics. Rhonda married her bestfriend, Larry, and has raised four beautiful children Tamrin, Kasey, Courtney and Cole. Her youngest, Tamrin is an excellent volleyball player so when she is not working, you can find Rhonda on a volleyball court cheering her on.


Amanda Baxley ~ Receptionist

Amanda joined our team spring of 2016, just after she married her sweetheart Chance. They are happily raising there son and daughter Alton and Ellie. On the weekends you will mostly find them on there air boat riding around enjoying being on the water. Amanda is our new Xtrac laser tech and she is also taking over the fun and exciting job of dealing with our insurance companies helping our patients get the medications they need! When she isn’t doing those jobs you will find her dancing around the office entertaining her co-workers and believe me, she does a great job at that!


Tiffany Russoniello ~ Receptionist

Tiffany joined our team fall of 2015. Born and raised in Ocala like most of our staff, she fit right in. She has three amazing boys who keep her very busy. She loves being outdoors camping and kayaking when she can get away. Carpe Diem, her words to live by..” Live in the moment, not for tomorrow.” Apparently she also lives by singing her way through the day even though her co-workers agree she won’t be receiving a Grammy anytime soon!


Jamie Hammett ~ Receptionist

Jamie is one of Dr. Cauthen’s very best friends. She agreed to return to work after selflessly being a stay at home mom for 4 years. Prior to that, Jamie worked in a local medical office in the billing department. Jamie’s position at MidState Skin Institute is critical because she is likely the first person you will see or talk to at the office. Jamie is the office’s perfectionist (oops, we meant receptionist) and she stays very busy keeping everyone on track and everything in its place. She is married to BJ Hammett and they have two beautiful children together, “precious princess” Taylor and their sweet little boy Braylon.

Krista Papy

Krista Papy ~ Receptionist

Krista joined our Midstate team in November of 2016 as part of our office / reception team. She was born in Miami, Florida and moved to Ocala when she was 13. Krista graduated from Florida State University and is an avid Seminole football fan. Prior to joining our team, she worked in her family owned road construction business. When she isn’t working you can find her working on her farm taking care of her animals, including her peacock Charlie! If you can’t find her in the office, she is probably hiding somewhere feeding Dr. Cauthen’s french bulldog, Roxy.

Megan Kyriacos

Megan Kyriacos ~ Receptionist

Megan joined us March of 2017, and is now the first beautiful face you see when you walk into our Deerwood office. Born in Massachusetts until she was 18, she decided she wanted a change and moved to Ocala and we are so glad she did. Megan loves being outdoors, riding motorcycles, fishing and fitness but unfortunately evens it out with her love of eating. She hopes to be a fitness competitor sometime next year but is concerned because she enjoys her food way more than her bikinis!